Highland Secondary School 2014/15

Important Announcement

Our Principal, Lyneita Swanson, will be retiring at the end of Semester One.  She decided last summer that this would be an appropriate time, as it would allow her successor to begin in the early planning stages of the next school year.  There will be a transition process in February that will ensure a smooth changeover.  Mrs. Swanson wants to thank everyone who supported her during her time at Highland and will especially miss the students.  She will be heading off on a multi-year sailboat cruising adventure with her husband, Doug, later in the summer.  We want to thank her for all she has accomplished and wish her all the best in the next chapter of her life.

Important Upcoming Dates

January 12-14-Grad photos in the Multi-Purpose Room

January 14-PLC Day (Early Dismissal)

January 15-New IB student parent meeting-7 pm in the Multi-Purpose Room

January 19-PAC Meeting-7 pm in the library

January 29-Parent Meeting for Italy Exchange-7 pm in Room 216

January 30-Last Day of Term Two

February 2-6-Assessment Week (Provincial Exams and in-class assessments)

Italy Exchange

Planning is underway for a Spring Break 2016 trip to Italy. It is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture for 2 weeks in a beautiful Northern Italian city (Verbania-close to Switzerland and Germany)  Questions about this trip can be relayed to Mr. Kochanuk at the school.  Please see the informational flyer at the bottom of this page for more details.  There will be an informational parent meeting on Thursday, January 30 at 7 pm in Room 216 at Highland.

Examination Schedule Posted!

Please find the schedule for examinations February 2-6, including school examinations and tutorials posted below.  Students in grades 9-9 are in class all week as usual. Grade 10 students are in full session on Monday, February 2 and then in Provincial Exams and tutorial sessions the rest of the week.  Grade 11 and 12 students will have a mixture of activities, examinations, and Provincials to complete.  All students are expected to be in attendance all week!

Please find below the latest newsletter, also. In this newsletter you will find out about the many activities happening at Highland, as well as upcoming events.  Details for assessment week, semester 2 and the process of beginning planning for the next school year are included. Students will be given their semester 2 schedule this week – any changes must be made by January 30 – no course changes will be considered during assessment week.

Grad Information

Please find at the bottom of this page the latest Grad Transitions update, letting you know where your son or daughter is with regards to completing their grad transitions work. The Grad information section of the website (Student/Parent tab---Grad----Grad Information), you will find important upcoming grad events and a document with Frequently Asked Questions about Grad.

Revised Term Dates

Term Two ends on February 6 with Report Cards going out on Friday, February 20.

Semester Two (Term 3) starts on February 10.  Exam Week will be February 2-6 and a full examination schedule can be found on the Ministry Website at: https://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/exams/handbook/1415/2014-15_exam_schedule.pdf

School Bus Schedules, Transportation and Bus Passes for 2014/15:

* Monday, September 22, 2014 - regular morning pick-up. Elementary school dismissal will be at 11:45 am; all other schools will have dismissal two hours earlier than the usual times for your school.

* Tuesday, September 23, 2014 - regular morning pick-up and after school drop off as per the regular school year schedule.

Schools have varying start up times so please visit the school district website (www.sd71.bc.ca) or contact schools directly for accurate information.

For more information on bus schedules, transportation, bus passes and registration please visit: http://www.sd71.bc.ca/pdfs/busing/School-Opening-Bus-Passes-2014-2015.pdf

We are looking forward to moving into the new school year. There will be appropriate adjustments to the provincial examination schedules, semester dates, etc. from the Ministry however, the Ministry will not be adding additonal days to the school calendar.  Further information will be available soon.


PLC Day Schedule

The next PLCschedule is Wednesday, January 28.  The schedule is as follows:

8:57-Warning Bell

9:00-9:57 (B Block)

10:00-10:57 (A Block)

10:57-11:47 (Lunch)

11:50-12:47 (D Block)

12:50-1:50 (C Block)


What is a PLC, anyway?

A PLC is a Professional Learning Community. It involves an on-going process in which educators work collaboratively in teams to achieve better results for the students they serve. The 3 Big Ideas that drive a PLC are:

1) The purpose of the school is to ensure all students learn at high levels
2) Helping all students learn requires a collaborative and collective effort
3) To help all students to learn we must focus on results (evidence of student learning) and use results to inform and improve our professional practice and respond to students who need intervention or enrichment.

At Highland, we believe that by giving educational staff’s collaborative time we will be far more effective in helping students learn. The collective educational wisdom on a staff outweighs that of any single staff member working in isolation in a classroom. The ultimate goal/purpose for incorporating PLC’s in SD#71 is to improve student learning.

We encourage all parents and students to check out all the information about PLC's on the school district website on the following link:


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